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Letra de canción de Remember Me de Kano lyrics

Just let your hair down and drink up,
After the club, we can link up,
See what we can think up.
Just let your body to the talkin',
Just let your hips do the walkin,
I'll see you in the mornin'.
But i don't stop when i'm yawnin',
I drink loads of henese and spend dough like i'm ballin'.

I might drink a little drink, a little more,
Till i bust a little dance in the middle of the floor.
I might draw a couple gash, a couple more, till there's a couple bodies on the hotel floor.
I might even start a fight, a few more, so boys get knocked out and carried out doors.
I don't watch no face,
I do me, so screw me, but ya still can't do me.
I'm licked!
And i stick wit' a bottle of henese, and i sip some redbull for energy.
So don't even come with your wife,
Cos i'll have so much fun with ya wife,
Don't let me hot up infront of ya wife,
Just let me get some then i'm done with your wife.
But when she goes missing that night and comes home, don't even listen to the lies.

You-Don't-Have-To pretend to me,
But I-Think You Should Remember me,
It was you, your-friend and my friend and me, and we were drunk on some henese.

Look, I got buffers, but i don't get whipped like cream,
Buffers with big bums fillin' up jeans.
(buffers) so fresh and so clean.
Buffers they all wanna cuff us,
They love us.
Buffers, slip and slide off with the buffers,
In the ride, we only ride with the buffest.
Only take numbers from the buffest,
Play tracks like wayne wonder's for the buffest.
Nuff gal!
You don't even know what nuff is,
I'm bad boy and i aint even rich like puff is.
Car full of girls,
There's girls at the back and at the front where the glove is.
I'm blessed,
But the henese went straight to my head after my chest.
Howcome we always leave after the rest,
After we get drunk,
Fuck it, pass me the rest.

You-Don't-Have-To pretend to me,
But-I-Think You Should Remember me,
It was you, your friend and my friend and me, and we were drunk on some henese.

(Woo, this is for the drinkers only.
It's about that time init, at the bar, give ya a shot of henese.
I got mine (laugh). What me-I'm drunk on some henese.)

But i get dark like shades..
So don't get it twisted like braides,
Before you get lifted like birthday bumps,
Dont-Be-Brave (dont be brave)
Cos it'll be too late,
Ladies see me with the pump,
Make my boys pull 'em out and make the whole-place-jump!
But still i love to get to drunk,
I love to get crunk and then swith to plan B.
Have any old girl sittin' in my room and blame that night on bran-dy.
I'm tryna get - under you, ya understand me?
Look, you don't understand me.

I'm drunk on henese,
No tenners, mixed with no lemon,
Thats shandy.
I don't smoke and i surely don't get stoned like Angie.
I drink it from full,
To empty,
Then full like bam-bie.
Look, You don't understand me. (thats the henese talkin')

You-Don't-Have-To pretend to me,
But-I-Think You Should Remember me,
It was you, your friend and my friend and me, and we were drunk on some henese.

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