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Letra de canción de Rasputin de Boney M. lyrics

Their lived a certain manIn Russia long agoHe was big and strong in his eyes a flaming glowMost people looked at himWith terror and with fearBut to Moscow chicks he was such a lovely dearHe could preach the bible like a preacherFull of extasy and fireBut he also was the kind of teacherWoman would desire.Ra-Ra-Rasputinlover of the Russian queenThere was a cat that really was goneRa-Ra-RasputinRussia's greatest love-machineIt was a shame how he carried on.He ruled the RussianlandAnd never mind the CzarBut the Kasatschok he danced really wunderbarAll affairs of stateHe was the man to pleaseBut he was real great when he hand a girl to squeezeFor the queen he was no wheeler dealerThough she heard the thing's he'd doneShe believed he was a holy healerWho would heal her son.Ra-Ra-Rasputinlover of the Russian queen...But when his drinkin' and lustingand his hunger for powerBecame know to more and more peoplehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/rasputin-boney-m-.php
The demans to do something about this outrageous man becameLouder and louderHeyheyhey...This man just gotta goDeclared his enemiesBut the ladies begged don't you try to do it pleaseNo doubt this RasputinHad lots of hidden charmesThough he was a brute they just fell into his armsThen one night some men of higher standingSet a trap they're not do blameCome to visit us they kept demandingAnd he really came.Ra-Ra-RasputinLover of the Russian queenThey put some poison into his wine.Ra-Ra-RasputinRussia's greatest love-machineHe drank it all and said: "I feel fine."Ra-Ra-Rasputinlover of the Russian queenThey didn't quitthey wanted his headRa-Ra-Rasputin Russia's greatest love-machineAnd so they shot him till he was dead.Ohthose Russians

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