Letra de Once In A Blood Red Moon - Glorior Belli

Letra de canción de Once In A Blood Red Moon de Glorior Belli lyrics

Free from enduring slumber, From barren flesh ascend
Prone before eternity, Seek the unknowable
Exalt in that solitude, Into this eerie halt
Behold the night's prelude, Fear not the twilight's fate

Heed the call to birth the Self, Woe to those who would hinder
Your path... Is infinite, Forged by a fiery tongue
The moon for you grimaces, Yet once it teased & jacked
Its light's a wicked place, For those whose hearts turn Black

Over the magick there that waves
And celebrates an empty grave
As not a sun obscured the skies

Many Hours float darkly by
And my soul, as it shall forceful be
Your fires guide to Light and thee

For what could be more enlightened
Than spells a wrathful heart may cast
To crush the way of a fool God

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