Letra de Nox Illuminatio Mea - Glorior Belli

Letra de canción de Nox Illuminatio Mea de Glorior Belli lyrics

In early visions of the night
And waking dreams of lust and might
A prophet of the great Lilith
My soul in sneak came to visit

Inquisitive by nature, I
Became an instrument of death
Destroying the persistent lie
With the poison of my all faith
And allegiance I sworn to thee
O glowing womb that sets me free!

In every angle of the night
And wicked fantasies of light
The faceless Queen of hell rises
And barriers she burns to ashes
May flames that in secret she keeps
Vnchain my soul, my nature deep

Knowledge, never to fade away
I embraced on that lascivious day
'O Mother of burning secrets
Reveal to me all which is veiled

Nox Illuminatio Mea! Nox Illuminatio Mea!
Scorch and consume now my dying flesh Lead My soul to the crowning darkness
Nox Illuminatio Mea! Nox Illuminatio Mea!
Bless me with eternal sight Where in dwells the endless night

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