Letra de No Guns Allowed - Snoop Lion

[Verse 1: Snoop Lion & Cori B]
Money makes a man and that's a crime
If we all were rich we'd spend more time
With our daughters and sons, they're loosing their minds
We all feel hurt here's mine, here me now

[Chorus: Snoop Lion & Cori B]
Cause, no guns are allowed in here tonight
We're gonna have a free for all, no fights
I wanna get lost in the crowd in here tonight
I need to hear my thoughts turn the music up loud

[Hook: Snoop Lion]
Let the music play, me don't want no more gun-play
When the bodies hit the ground, there's nothing let to say ay ay
Me don't want to see no more innocent blood shed
Me don't want to see no more youth dead
Come hear me now


[Verse 2: Drake]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, news from back home
This is when it hurts to be gone
Two more young names to be carved out of stone
one summer day that went horribly wrong
Got my dawg on the phone
Crying and saying to leave him alone
But I'm not leaving his side
I know that somebody died, somebody's child
Some people ducked down and some people hide
Some people just cannot react in time
Bullets do not choose a victim
It is the shooter that picks them
They just cant wait to get you in the system
The district attorney could use a conviction
Told you no guns and then you didn't listen
Life is so heavy with that on your soul
Dedicate this to Shayne and Josh
and pour something out for the lives that they stole


[Outro: Snoop Lion & Cori B]
Money makes a man and that's a crime [2x]
I wanna get lost in the crowd in here tonight

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