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Letra de canción de My Detonation de Rob Tognoni lyrics

well you always causin' havoc when you walk into a bar
lil' skirt's a risin', drive me crazy from a far
you know I always wanted it, you stick it in my face
I gotta go defuse before I blow apart
You're my Detonation (x3)
You're always gonna make me explode
I never saw a finer thing, I never stood a chance
I always wanna talk to you, my tounge get's tangled fast
I'm lookin' for an answer as you glide and pass me by
I'm like a stick of dynamite that's gonna blast a mile
I guess I'm never gonna know unless I'm talkin' fast
I'm tired of scratchin' my behind, I gotta make a pass
still lookin' for an answer I don't know that I'll get
unless I make a stand, I'll fizzle out and die
don't want to blow it, I know it
I really want to show it
I have to confess my explosive tenderness
You look so good to me baby I feel like I'm maybe
headin' for a fireworks I'll never regret

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