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Letra de canción de Mr. Toot de Ylvis lyrics

Come with me to Istanbul
Land of turbans, spice and carpets
This is the take of Mr. Toot
Legendary music man
Up on the roof he played the Toot
No one could resist his rhythm
Slave and sultan side by side
Dancing the dance of Mr. Toot

What's that sound?
Is it him?
Did you see a shadow moving?
Everybody, quiet, quiet

Play it, Mr. Toot!
Play it, Mr. Toot!
Play it, Mr. Toot!

Ladies kissed him on the belly
Children dressed like him in school
He ate caviar and jelly
Bought a modern swimming pool
Yes, Mr. Toot got greedy
Wanted even better Toot
Threw the Toot from highest tower
Bought a fancy MIDI Toot

Then a poster in the city
Mr. Ibanez tonight
Modern show with modern music
Smoke machine and laser light

Play it, Mr. Toot!
Play it, Mr. Toot!
Play it, Mr. Toot!

That was the end of Mr. Toot
He was never to return
Thought you can kill the man
You can never kill the Toot

Mr. Toot!
Play it, Mr. Toot!
Mr. Toot!
Play it!
Mr. Toot!

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