Letra de Morning Glow - Michael Jackson

Letra de canción de Morning Glow de Michael Jackson lyrics

Morning glow morning glowStarts to glimmer when you knowWinds of change are set to blowAnd sweep this whole land throughMorning glow is long past dueMorning glow fill the earthCome on shine far all you're worthWe'll be present at the birthOf all faith looking newMorning glow is long past dueOh oh morning glowI'd like to help you growYou should have started long agohttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/morning-glow-michael-jackson.php
Morning glow all days longFor we sing tomorrow's songNever knew we could be so strongBut now it's very clearMorning glow is almost hereOh oh morning glowI'd like to help you growWe should have started long agoMorning glow all your lifeWe can make the new day rightAll the bad songs of the nightWill fade into the pastMorning glow is here at last

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