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Letra de canción de Miles Away de Winger lyrics

So this is love or so you tell me
As you're walkin' out the door
The months go by and I know for certain
It's not the love I'm looking for
But sometimes just for a moment
I reach out hope you're still there
Miles away, no, you're never turnin' back
And I just can't wait anymore
Miles away, nothing left of what we had
Just when I needed you most
You were miles away
It's hard to tell what you're goin' through
You kept your feelings locked inside of you
Open your heart and the chances are
What you feel, I'm feelin' too
If only just for a moment
Hold on to the dreams that we had
When times were tough and you were down and out
Who was there by your side?
But now you're gone and I'm so tired of being alone
With only your promises
The loneliness just fades away
Thouoghts of you, just memories
No crying now for what we're missin'
Time won't forget what you meant to me
If only just for a moment
Hold on to the dreams that we had

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