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Letra de canción de Memory de Barbra Streisand lyrics

MidnightNot a sound from the pavementHas the moon lost her memoryShe is smiling aloneIn the lamplightThe withered leaves collect at my feetAnd the wind begins to moanMemoryAll alone in the moonlightI can smile happy your days ( I can dream of the old days)Life was beautiful thenI remember the time I knew what happiness wasLet the memory live againEvery street lamp seems to beatA fatalistic warningSomeone mutters and the street lamp guttersAnd soon it will be morningDaylighthttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/memory-barbra-streisand.php
I must wait for the sunriseI must think of a new lifeAnd I mustn’t give inWhen the dawn comesTonight will be a memory tooAnd a new day will beginBurnt out ends of smoky daysThe still cold smell of morningA street lamp dies ,another night is overAnother day is dawningTouch me,It is so easy to leave meAll alone with the memoryOf my days in the sunIf you touch me,You’ll understand what happiness isLook, a new day has begun...

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