Letra de Maybe - Janis Joplin

Letra de canción de Maybe de Janis Joplin lyrics

Oh if I could pray and I try, dear,
You might come back home, home to me.
Whoa, if I could ever hold your little hand
Oh you might understand.
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah.
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe dear
I guess I might have done something wrong,
Honey I´d be glad to admit it.
Oh, come on home to me!
Honey maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe yeah.
Well I know that it just doesn´t ever seem to matter, baby,
Oh honey, when I go out or what I´m trying to do,
Can´t you see I´m still left here
And I´m holding on in needing you.
Please, please, please, please,
Oh won´t you reconsider babe.
Now come on, I said come back,
Won´t you come back to me!
Maybe dear, oh maybe, maybe, maybe,
Let me help you show me how.
Honey, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe,
Maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah,
Maybe, maybe, maybe, yeah.

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