Letra de Make Love Tonight - Trey Songz

Letra de canción de Make Love Tonight de Trey Songz lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Excuse me woman, but it's something on my mind and I gotta get
it off my chest,
Baby girl I must confess, and I'm trying to say it with
And it won't take nothing, just a little bit of time and a body
up inside your dress,
I promise it will be the best, and baby I aint talkin sex.
Can we make love tonight,
Get the champagne poppin off tonight, with your secrets coming
off tonight,
Can we make love tonight,
Bubble bath with only candlelight, and massage your body bet
you'll like it.
[Verse 2:]
Cause you gon' feel it from the minute that you walk in the
I'll have the candles burning, while the waters running and the
musics playing there'll be no delaying,
Outside its raining but its cool,
Cause I'll just pull you closer and hold you tighter and I'll
say to you.
Let's take this night for loving, and make it last till
(We'll be) touching, (and we) kissing, freakin, so can we....
[Chorus 2x]
[Bridge 2x]
[Chorus 2x]

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