Letra de Luxury - The Ready Set

Letra de canción de Luxury de The Ready Set lyrics

You know I kinda really used to think
I could solve everything with a dollar
Then I met this pretty thing and I knew
I was wrong when I saw her
Get high when I call her,
Realize that it's all her

Don't need no money
Forget what you heard
I've got to wonder,
What's a paycheck worth?

I've got everything I need
Standing next to me
This love's a luxury
All the best in life is free
Darling, I believe this love's luxury

And now I kinda really can't complain
'bout a thing, everything's going my way

'cause we fade the day away to the rain
When she lays right beside me

When you lay right beside me,
Fade away right beside me

I know, I know,
This love's a luxury

Don't it fell good? Don't it feel right?
Cash it all out, throw it up high?
Telling no lie, her love is a song
Up in my head
One of a kind,
Money can't buy

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