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Letra de canción de Love's Gone Bad de Michael Jackson lyrics

Ah I feel a fountain in my brainIce-cold water runnin' through my painGot a bad taste in my mouth from bitter tearsHeart so sad 'cause love's gone badI see a rainbow all in blackMust be a sign that you ain't comin' backWake up at night callin' your nameI see a face on my window paneI've been this way since you've been goneWithout your love I can't go onLook in the mirror, what do I see? A cryin' face, kinda looks like meNow where's the love you promised me? Where's he tenderness to comfort me? Everytime some love I choosehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/love-s-gone-bad-michael-jackson.php
I seem to always be the one to loseBad taste in my mouth from bitter tearsHeart fells sad 'cause love's gone badLove's gone bad, heart fells badBlack crows flying up aboveIt's a sign that I live life without loveSlime's on the man, slime's ont the seaSlime's everywhere I said I'm destined to beAnd this world where nothing's rightSince you've been gone I can't sleep at nightYou said you'd be true to meInstead you made a fool out of meHeart feels sad, love's gone bad

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