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Letra de canción de Little Susie de Michael Jackson lyrics

Somebody killed little SusieThe girl with the tuneWho sings in the daytime at noonShe was there screamingBeating her voice in her doomBut nobody came to her soon...A fall down the stairsHer dress tornOh the blood in her hair...A mystery so sullen in airShe lie there so tenderlyFashioned so slenderlyLift her with care,Oh the blood in her hair...Everyone came to seeThe girl that now is deadSo blind stare the eyes in her head...And suddenly a voice from the crowd saidThis girl lived in vainHer face bear such agony, such strain...But only the man from next doorKnew Little Susie and how he criedAs he reached downTo close Susie's eyes...She lie there so tenderlyFashioned so slenderlyhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/little-susie-michael-jackson.php
Lift her with careOh the blood in her hair...It was all for God's sakeFor her singing the tuneFor someone to feel her despairTo be damned to know hoping is dead and you're doomedThen to scream outAnd nobody's there...She knew no one cared...Father left home, poor mother diedLeaving Susie aloneGrandfather's soul too had flown...No one to careJust to love herHow much can one bearRejecting the needs in her prayers...Neglection can killLike a knife in your soulOh it willLittle Susie fought so hard to live...She lie there so tenderlyFashioned so slenderlyLift her with careSo young and so fair

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