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Letra de canción de Life Is Deadly de Cripper lyrics

Get low, get down
To the roots of trouble
Take this baby by the horns
To the bottom of the bottle
Like marching
These thoughts keep sickening my head
First face it and then break it?
I know better, who knows best?
It was, it is and will be
Life is deadly
My friend, we feel the same
My friend, what we see is true
Never walk alone
One can say your voice is sore
And everybody does in fact
This head tripping
Is throat-twisting
See what the perspectives have to offer
When you change your point of view
Move -- turn -- look!
You might surprise yourself
What I supposed was wrong
I could not keep myself
All my hopes now look so silly
It's me against myself again, so what?
Please, don't just leave a note
And the rest to me
Wake up, get up!
Before the moment's gone
You're lost for now
But not for long
Save the big words for the chorus
They say
I say shit because I like the sound of it

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