Letra de Karla - Burning Love

Letra de canción de Karla de Burning Love lyrics

Dead eyes made just for violent crimes.
Wanted to give him something nice - to despoil this Silent Night.
Sleeping sister's coming around, be a good girl and keep it down
I'll never let bad things not happen, not happen to you.
One hell of a first time. Take this gift in place of mine.
To deflower and devour. Sweet Halothane dreams
while our parents sleep just feet away
this trip downstairs, last thing you'll never see.
Wake up in Heaven, we've got darker plans down here
and we're just getting started now. I think I see our Number 2.

Locked doors missed curfews, standing gift wrapped on the steps
Tough love lesson she'll never forget - sometimes father don't know best.
What's your name, want a cigarette? Hitch a ride to Kingdom Land?
Start the camera. Start the car. Bad home drove you straight into my arms.
Sweet Halcion dreams, no one's even coming looking for you.

Broad daylight in a parking lot.
I'm lost, do you know the way to hell and back?
Three days is a long time - for a Catholic girl to die
Now Easter dinner calls, and I'm sorry but you've got to go
and there's no more painkillers, just me you and this hammer
They're gonna come looking this time, and they're gonna find
The bodies in the basement piling up
Home Monster Movies, classic cut
No remorse behind dead eyes
She'll slither away from even this unscathed

Everyone from The Bluffs to the Falls
lived in fear of that car, and a bogeyman
that was only half the true crime.

Black widow - creeps and crawls
Black widow - playing them all.

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