Letra de Kairos - In The Woods...

Letra de canción de Kairos de In The Woods... lyrics

The moment that your senses play a part
-When all of them caress a new impression
Somewhere deep within your heart
Like qualities of permanent obsession

Can you conquer your emotional delay
Can you draw tomorrow's history today
Can you feel the tide is turning
Can you overcome the yearning
-Or will you blindly obey?

Break through-embrace the light of Kairos!

Behaving unwillingly like a recording machine
All these emotional standards reduced to leftovers of a dream
Is everything just like it seemed to be
Moments ago who am I, where have I been,
And how will I know?

Have you ever had a date with an oracle
That told you some of her secrets?
The only breed in the following term;
-Share them with reasoning creatures

...What if, and you won't know anything
About it before you do-if you have...

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