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Letra de canción de It's Easier de John Grant lyrics

I don't know who I thought I was
I guess I tried to love you, because I thought I could afford
To take the risk and take a chance
I do not know who I thought I was fooling
I must have felt invincible in your arms, like I could take
the whole world on

But it's easier for me, to believe that you are lying to me, when you say you love me
and when you say you need me, yes it's easier for me to walk away and get on with my life
If I believe that you're deceiving me, if I believe that you'd be leaving me one day, be leaving me one day

I wish that I could make you see, but clearly that is not to be, 'cause you will not be swayed by me, you've made it clear, you must be free, I would have sacrificed for you, I would have been so
loyal and so true, but gifts this precious can't be offered up by fools

And it's easier...

What's done is done, I cannot change the way I feel, and what's more I am certain that I don't
regret a single thing, but sometimes I really miss your sweet sweet love and wish that I'd wake up and this would all be just a dream

yes, it's easier

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