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Say that we have all the time we neeed to make it rightDon't hurry for nobody if it ain't the thing you likeknow your place and fit your space,young man you will conformI didn't hear my soul express those rules when I was bornCause I'm free to roam cause it's my homecan't stop sweet inclinationsthe kids want the system breaking downnot higher educationif it ain't no natural lawthen you can keep your regulationscause if I like it I do itBut I keep movin' on though they wanna bring me downI've gotta run for the cover and I keep on smilin'though they wanna tie me downand give me death for the loverand I keep on losin' though I'm provin'what I'm doingI'm still groovin' and I like it I do ithttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/if-i-like-it,-i-do-it-jamiroquai.php
You've got to help those people break that legislationwe can overcome this suffocationexecute your natural leberationhappy to enjoy rejuvenationall around hear the soundno-one can stop us nowa thousand rules for plastic foolsnow they can take a bowsurely there's been time to see it doesn't work by nowso I like it I do itStill I keep on findingthat they're pushin' those distorted visionsand I keep on livingbut I'm dying cause of their decisionsif I keep on lookingI can find a higher spaceI'm still groovin' and if I like it I do it

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