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Just a song we shared I'll hearBrings memories back when you were hereOf your smile, your easy laughterOf your kiss those moments afterI think of youAnd I think of youAnd think of you.Of the dreams we dreamt togetherOf the love we vowed would neverMelt like snowflakes in the sunMy days now end, as they begunWith thoughts of youAnd I think of youAnd think of you.http://www.coveralia.com/letras/i-think-of-you-rodriguez.php
* Down the streets I'd walk with you* Seeing others doing* Things we used to do.* Now these thoughts they're haunting me* Of how complete, I used to be* And in these times that we're apart* I'll hear that song that breaks my heart* And I think of you* And think of you.* Refrain...And I do.* Refrain...

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