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Your givin me true loveAnd everyday I thank the lordFor a feeling that's so newSo inviting so excitingWhenever your nearI hear a symphonyA tender melodyPulling me closer, closer to your armsThen suddenly your lips are touching mineA feeling so divine, still I need a path becauseI'm lost in a worldMade for you and meOooh... Baby, BabyI hear a symphonyOoooh... babyWhenever your nearI hear a symphonyPlayed sweet and tenderlyEverytime your lips meet mine, my babyBaby, babyI feel the joy beginDon't let this feeling endhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/i-hear-a-symphony-michael-jackson.php
Let it go on and on and on now babyBaby, babyThose tears that filled my eyesI cried not for myselfBut for those who have never felt the joy of loveBaby, babyWhenever your nearI hear a symphonyEach time you speak of meI hear a tender note so sweet of loveBaby, babyAs you stand there holding meWhispering how much you careA thousand violins fill the air, nowBaby, babyDon't let this moment endKeep standing close to meSo close to me my baby, baby, babyBaby, babyI hear a symphonyA tender melodyI hear a symphony

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