Letra de I Got You (Live In Edmonton) - Mike Posner

Letra de canción de I Got You (Live In Edmonton) de Mike Posner lyrics

I got that soul
I got too much pride
I got a funny job
And there's no place to hide
But I got them songs
I got that real shit- I'm a savage!
I've got the looks and voice too,
Baby I'm the whole package

I got bars for days
Because I've been scarred in ways that are hard to say
Bodyguards can't save me from myself
I got exes
I got commitments I'm still running from
I got shooting stars, I got darkness, I got nightfall, I got suns
I got Jesus Christ
I got Buddha
I got Mohammed in my swag
I got piano fingers
I got 50 songs in the bag
I got the music and the poetry in my head
It's always going in the background
Zach, I got the psilocybin running in my veins
Couple mushrooms hidden in the black lounge
Now I got your attention
And I can do whatever I want with it

I got a need to be loved
Spotlight isn't gone is it?
I got my daddy in my heart
Even when he's not around
Tell Bruce it's cool when he wants to chill
The Mike Posner Band, we here, we got it now
I got a legacy in the Midwest!
My old stomping grounds
I done come this far, ain't no way in hell I'm stopping now!

I came this far, ain't no way in hell
Ain't no way in hell I'm stopping now

I got that good cologne
I got that courage inside of me
I got one of the best bands in the world
Standing right here behind me
I got a kick drum for a heart
I got a hi-hat in my step
I got this feeling in my mind we might be the best
I got the vibe in my veins, I'm tryna explain
I'm done tryna explain why I'm so strange

I got a freedom fighter's heart, a Navy Seal's discipline
I got North Carolina blue and a grey found only in Michigan
I got a mother that's a killer
A sister that's a hippie
I got way too many women in my past,
Groupies in every city

Groupies in every city
And I got money now, you can't buy me
I keep telling my managers all of this shit I will not do
I got Scesney, I got James, I got Nate, I got Kev, I got Ben
And Edmonton, tonight, I guess I got you
And didn't I? Didn't I get you?
Didn't we cut through this shit like a knife?
I got a question
If I keep pretending I'm not gonna have a death,
How can I live a good life?
No cheers for that, but it doesn't matter
If I keep pretending I'm not gonna have a death,
How can I live a good life?

My friends say I got it all
I tell 'em I only got love
I got what I got
And maybe, maybe that's enough
Thank you to the Mike Posner band

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