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Letra de canción de I Am The Pit de Cripper lyrics

Without the pain -- no suffering
Without the pain -- no strength
There's no reason to give in
There's no doubting voice inside left since
I live it
I mean it
I want it
I've seen it
I know it
I can take it
I am the pit
You see what I mean
(I -- am -- the -- pit
We- are -- the -- pit)
Feel the fire and burn the pain
Learn to fall, stand up again
Take a look through devil's eyes
To find out what's left inside
Drown the sorrow in your tears
Don't stop before it disappears
And when they don't believe you would
Find peace where others daren't to look
Stay a dreamer, stay alive
You don't need to sell your soul just to survive
I know you can though you don't dare
You've got a lot, so much to share
Be aware of what you've got
To not miss too much of what you've not got
So hold on and keep your head
No matter what is done or said

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