Letra de Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes

Letra de canción de Hotel Yorba de The White Stripes lyrics

I was watching
with one eye on the other side
I had fifteen people telling me to move
I got moving on my mind
I found shelter
In some thoughts turning wheels around
I said 39 times that I love you
to the beauty I had found
Well its 1 2 3 4
take the elevator
at the hotel yorba
I´ll be glad to see you later
all they got inside is vacancy
I been thinking
of a little place down by the lake
they got a dirty little road leading up to the house
I wonder how long it will take till we´re alone
sitting on the front porch of that home
stomping our feet on the wooden boards
never gonna worry about locking the door
And its 4 5 6 7
grab your umbrella
grab hold of me
cause I´m your favorite fella
all they got inside is vacancy

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