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(J. Rotten, S. Vicious, S. Jones, P. Cook)A cheap holiday in other people's miseryI don't wanna holiday in the sunI wanna go to the new BelsenI wanna see some history'cause now t got a reasonable economyOh now I got a reason...and l'm still waitingNow I got a reasonto be waitingthe Berlin wallIn sensurround sound in a two inch wallwell I was waiting for the communist callI didn't ask for sunshineand I got world war threeI'm looking over the walland they're looking at meOh now l got a reason...and I'm still waitingNow I got a reasonhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/holidays-in-the-sun-sex-pistols.php
to be waitingthe Berlin wallThey're staring all nightand fhey're staring all day.l had no reason to be here at all.But now I got a reason if's no real reasonAnd I'm waiting at Berlin wallI gotta go over fhe Berlin wall.I don't understand it... (etc.)Claostrophobia there's too much paranoiathere's too many closetsI went in beforeAnd now I got a reasonit's no real reason to be waitingthe Berlin wallI gotta go over the wall,I don't understand this bit at all... (etc.)Please don't be waiting for me.

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