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Letra de canción de Heaven de Warrant lyrics

I've got a picture of your houseand you're standing by the door.It's black and white and faded,it's looking pretty worn.See the factory that i workedsilouetted in the back.Memories are grey, but man they're really coming back.I don't need to be the king of the worldAs long as im the hero of this little girlChorus:Heaven isn't too far awayCloser to it everydayAnd no matter what your friends might sayHow i love the way you moveand the sparkle in your eyesTheres a color deep inside the night like a blue suburban skyWhen i come home late at nightand you're in bed asleephttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/heaven-warrant.php
Now i wrap my arms around you so i can feel you breatheI dont need to be a supermanAs long as you will always be my biggest fanChorus:Heaven isnt too far awayCloser to it everydayAnd no matter what your friends might sayWe'll find our wayNow the lights are going out,along the boulevardMemories come rushing back and makes it pretty hardI've got nowhere left to goAnd no one really caresI don't know what to doBut im never giving up on you.

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