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Another day has comeCan't face it on my ownI almost let you walk awayI guess I should have knownI'll give it to you straight'Cause some things just can't waitI've got to make it up to youAnd I'll pray it's not too late'Cause when you look at meWith those sad blue eyesIt stops me cold and I realizeYou're all I need tonightWe're halfway to heavenLyin' beside you on a nightSo stillWe're halfway to heavenI ask you if you'll stay and babySay you willSo what's a man to doTo get it through to youAnother lost and lonely nightWould break this heart in twohttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/halfway-to-heaven-europe.php
So let's take a chanceAnd it'll be alrightJust put your trusr in me tonightGirl we're almost thereWe're halfway to heavenThere's something magic'Bout the way you kissWe're halfway to heavenRunnin' with you babyOn a night like thisWe're halfway to heavenI never dreamed thatI could get this highWe're halfway to heavenGirl I couldn't leave youEven if I triedYou got me capturedIn a crazy spinYou got me so I justCan't tell the shape I'm in

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