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In the night of the day I was born,quite sure I wouldn`t see no tomorrow.All the days I was wasting alone,always waiting for the night without sorrows.Mister, mister, don`t you know what I am.Can`t you hear it`s always trembling in my voice?Don`t you know I`m doing all that I can,but I`m a man without any choice.Ev`ry day`s only pain for me.I don`t like the sunlight shining on my head.I`m a man that was born for the dark.Ev`ry light shines is making me feel bad.http://www.coveralia.com/letras/guardian-of-the-night-accept.php
Lady, lady, put your hand on my head.Can`t you hear it`s always trembling in my voice?`Cause I`m the one who`s behaving so bad.I need those feelings for you again.Man of the dark, guardian of the nightI don`t like people working all day,only working just to see next tomorrow.But they`re happy while they`re living that way.In that world I gotta beg, steal or borrow.Mister, mister, you don`t know...

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