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Letra de canción de Go de Jamelia lyrics

You say why don't you change your mindThink it over 1 last timeLike you don't know yourselfAll depend on youThere are consequences in what you doBut if you lose I won't forgive myselfShowing that my self-controlWon't bring back you lifeWhen your oldDo something for yourselfCoz oh-oh If you don'tYou will never knowChorus-Go-o, Why would you stay when it does nothing for yaGo-o, Watching your pain only makes me surerGo-o, Holding you down theres no way I can keep youI say go ahead and save your lifeDo something for the first timeIt's the least you could do, yeahWho cares if they don't take the riskYour biggest ones not doing this (doing this)I can not live for you Infinite responsibilitiesHow bout living duty freehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/go-jamelia.php
Emancipate yourselfCoz oh-oh If you don't You will never knowChorus-Heavens sake I can take disappointmentBut I can't understand Why you won't leaveYou've been quiteAwful quiteNo enjoymentThere comes a point When you gotta take what you needDon't forget I respect What you gave upBut you lost such alot along the line Get it back, get it back, rise up Get it back, get it back, Before you gotta goChorus-Go-o, why would you stay, why would you stayGo-o, watching your pain only makes me surerGo-o, holding you down theres no wayThat I can keep you

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