Letra de Glory Hallelujah - Frank Turner

Letra de canción de Glory Hallelujah de Frank Turner lyrics

Brothers and sisters, have you heard the news?
The storm has lifted and there's nothing to lose.
So swap your confirmation for your dancing shoes
Because there never was no god.

Step out of the darkness and onto the street.
Forget about the fast, let's have a carnival feast.
Raise up your lowered head, and hear the liberation beat
Because there never was no god.

There is no god,
So clap your hands together.
There is no god,
No heaven and no hell.
There is no god,
We're all in this together.
There is no god,
So ring that victory bell.

No cowering in the dark before some overbearing priest.
No waiting until we die until we restitute the meek.
No blaming all our failings on imaginary beasts.
Because there never was no god.

No fighting over land your distant fathers told you of.
No spilling blood for those who never spread a drop of love.
No finger-pointing justified by phantoms up above.
Because there never was no god.


I know you're scared of dying, man, but I am too,
But just pretending it's not happening isn't gonna see us through.
If we accept that there's an end-game and we haven't got much time
Then in the here and now, we can try to do things right.

We'd be our own salvation army and together we'd believe
In all the wondrous things that mere mortals can achieve.
Because I've known beauty in the stillness ofcathedrals in the day.
I've sung, "Glory hallelujah, won't you wash my sins away?"
But now we're singing my refrain, and this is what I say.
I say, "There never was no god."


One more time.


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