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Letra de canción de Frozen de Madonna lyrics

[Verse:]You only see what your eyes want to seeHow can life be what you want it to beYou´re frozenWhen your heart´s not openYou´re so consumed with how much you getYou waste your time with hate and regretYou´re brokenWhen your heart´s not open[Chorus:]Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heartMmmmmm, we´d never be apartMmmmmm, give yourself to meMmmmmm, you hold the keyNow there´s no point in placing the blamehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/frozen-madonna.php
And you should know I suffer the sameIf I lose youMy heart will be brokenLove is a bird, she needs to flyLet all the hurt inside of you dieYou´re frozenWhen your heart´s not open[chorus][verse][chorus, repeat]If I could melt your heart

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