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Letra de canción de From Space de Example lyrics

You all think you seen me
Never did this a harry houdini
This is bond with a stirred martini
Not shook leave that to the genie
Oh really, so sure
I wasnt on your list before
Now you kissed the floor Mr four star, five star irresistable
I got brand new socks
Pack of five I've been down the shops
Bring down your box
Cause you can't box me
Try and pigeon hole me
Other pigeons better watch
Hopscotch I've jumped on your whats hot
Blogspot I've reclaimed the topspot
Come down in Kate Moss your topshop
Now you're feeling green with envy
This concerns you
Where's your brain at
You claim that we all wear the same hat
You ain't that cheap biro somewhere else
You aint heard me
This ain't the same chat
Or the same chat new chapter
Open doors rap velocirapter
Paparazzi capture the action
Papa's got a brand new bag
Try to find me, try refine me
Doesn't matter the kids still rewind me
Time and time again
I grind you
Wine and dine your friends, amen
Youtube using who's losing
Don't give a damn I'm on the new ting
I make music when I'm counting on shoe strings which I made possible
But now I'm Tom cruising
There be no more rapping
And if there is il keep it old fashioned
Reckon il sing for a second
Switch sides like I'm picking and you still get a thrashing
They didn't like me in rap
So what I didn't like me in rap
So now i know just how that feels
I ain't gonna show my rap skills this is just chat

And when you see me from space
I can't wait for that look on your face
And when you see me from space
I can't wait for that look on your face

And when you look down
And when you look down
Il look you dead in the eye
Oh aye

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