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Letra de canción de Follow You Home de Embrace lyrics

Well sometimes I see an end, disguised as a beginning
And sometimes I feel the force of the blow
And everyday I take my toe and I dip it in the water
Everyday it almost freezes me whole.
It looks like i'm off the team
A survivor on a screen
Like I've got nothing left with nothing to show
And there's no reason to pretend your middle name's forgiving
I can see you've got a party to throw

I'm gonna follow you home x3

I won't quit while you're ahead
I won't pay for what I said
You're gonna have to take it out of my nose
'Cause every word just makes me choke
makes me sorry that I spoke
That's what I get for talking back I suppose.
I've been queueing up for this
Now my names not on the list
And I missed who to call to get to the show
Well I don't mean to rush you on
I was stood here all along
and I've been waiting for a lifetime or so

I'm gonna follow you home x4

You smashed the glass and set me free
But you don't want no more from me
your final kiss jammed in the final piece
so I could see
I wrote you letters
I sang you songs
But nothing works on you no more
I know it's much too late but I can't let go
Is there still hope

I'm gonna follow you home x3

I'm gonna follow you...

The words that I wasted were bad adverts
All cut and pasted and nothing works
the songs that I sang you just made it worse
With melodies you don't follow
It says on your wall that you're over me
You're image an outline that burns my screen
But I'm not your stalker it's just my need
I said it to see if you'd follow me.

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