Letra de Fingers [Bonus Track] - Pink

Letra de canción de Fingers [Bonus Track] de Pink lyrics

I'm alone now
Staring at the ceiling
I'm kinda bored now
I can't sleep
And you and me can't make my life complete
And when you cum you slip into a dream

When it's late at night
And you're fast asleep
I let my fingers do the walking
I press record
I become a fiend
And no one else is watching
I let my fingers do the walking

I'm starving
For some attention
I'm begging, pleading, bleeding
For a suggestion
I bite my tongue because I wanna scream
I'm almost there and you turn and look at me


Rewind and you will see
Why in the morning
I'm happy
Right there on the TV screen
Me vengo, me vengo

I'm restless
You need some caffeine
But I'm wasted
If you could only see
Cause I need more than you are gonna give

(Chorus x 2)

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