Letra de Falling Into You - Sebastian Bach

Letra de canción de Falling Into You de Sebastian Bach lyrics

Here I amSlippin' back in timeStarin' in your eyesLike it's all the sameLook at youYou haven't changed at allThe devil's deja vuHas lead me down& back into this deadly fallYou take meBreak meBuild me up & then forsake meOur love is my worldThen you cut me down with one wordStrung out, it's trueTry to run but I'm falling into youYou're the devil's deja vuhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/falling-into-you-sebastian-bach.php
Bring it onBend my will againUndress the story's end& make this heart believeThere's a lightIn the darkness of my mindHangin' by a threadLike a spiderSpinnin' out a brand new webThink about meOur love is your salvationTaste my mindGive in to all temptationEmbrace complete destructionWait wait wait wait wait wait

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