Letra de Eye Of Night - Trees Of Eternity

Letra de canción de Eye Of Night de Trees Of Eternity lyrics

See all the colours fading
out with the sun
Season of sombre darkness
again, it has begun
Cursed by recurring cycles
raised to be undone

Lost is this cause youâ??re mourning
Its death stands at your door
Break under the pressure forming
or embrace it to your core

Behind closed eyes, see the signs


No faith to hold on to
let seasons evolve through the night
the all-waking eye
Is your rising sun
No truth to hold you
Let peace enfold you, itâ??s alright
to rely on light
from the eye of night

The future stands veiled in opaque lace
a figure without form
that changes with every fear you face
and every dawn

No faith to hold on to..

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