Letra de Express Your Hidden Passion - Kai Tracid

Letra de canción de Express Your Hidden Passion de Kai Tracid lyrics

Tell me
Can you express your hidden passion?
Or do you live by social direction?
Moving with the madding crowed
Void of sense and self expression
Awaken from your paralyzing nightmare
And transcend the boundaries to reality
For caution to the wind be free
Unleash the strength within to dare
Express your hidden passion
Express your hidden passion
Express your hidden passion here and now
Dancing free, a soul without fear
No need to hide or be ashamed
Craps your chance release your passion now
The walls of inhibition crumble
Past shadows fade and light prevails
Like the phoenix from the ashes you have risen
Live life to the fullest while other stumble
While other stumble
Express your hidden passion

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