Letra de Enemy - Romeo's Daughter

Letra de canción de Enemy de Romeo's Daughter lyrics

Headlong into paradise
It's what the ticket said,
what I thought I'd get

It started out as a paper cut,
nothing you could see
Then it opened up
Why tell me there's nothing wrong

When I know where you've been,
I know what you've done
We should always be making love
instead of arguing
Instead of putting up

I only wanted love, I didn't want a war
I'm not the enemy, I'm not the enemy
A time for everything, a time to let it go
Another lesson learned, another lesson learned

All hail the medicine
That will ease the pain, get you back again
Go round a mile or more, take an inch or two
See how far it goes

I could never want anymore, than the love we had
Than the time we shared
If this love was a hit and run,
we'd be on our way to the setting sun.


We could be anything we wanted us to be
We could be young and wild and free hey, hey, hey
Good love can make you sweat
Find the perfect one, not be on the run
Tick-tock go the hands of time
I've got better things, I could do with mine

Chorus x 2

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