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Letra de canción de Easter de Marillion lyrics

Track 2 of _Season's End_A ghost of a mist was on the fieldThe grey and the Green togetherThe noise of a distant farm machineOut of the first light cameA tatered necklace of hedge and treesOn the southern side of the hillBetrays where the border runs betweenWhere Mary Dunoon's boy fellEaster here againA time for the Blind to seeEasterSurely now can all of your hearts be freeOut of the port of LiverpoolBound for the North of IrelandThe wash of the spray and horsetail wavesThe roll of the sea belowAnd Easter here againA time for the Blind to seeEasterhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/easter-marillion.php
Surely now can all of your hearts be freeWhat will you do?Make a stone of your Heart?Will you set things rightWhen you tear them apart?Will you sleep at nightWith the Plough and the Stars alight?What will you do?With the wire & the gun?That'll set things rightWhen it's said and done?Will you sleep at night?Is there so much love to hide?ForgiveForgetSing 'Never again'[STEVE HOGARTH]

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