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Please don't stop the music (4x)It's gettin’ lateI'm making my way over to my favorite placeI gotta get my body moving shake the stress awayI wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my wayPossible candidate (yeah)Who knewThat you’d be up here lookin’ like you doYou're making staying over here impossibleBaby I must say your aura is incredibleIf you don’t have to go don'tDo you know what you startedI just came here to partyBut now we're rockin’ on the dance floorActing naughtyYour hands around my waistJust let the music playWe're hand in handChest to chestAnd now we're face to facehttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/don-t-stop-the-music-rihanna.php
I wanna take you awayLets escape into the musicDJ let it playI just can't refuse itLike the way you do thisKeep on rockin’ to itPlease don't stop thePlease don't stop thePlease don't stop the music(Repeat)Baby are you ready cause its getting closeDon't you feel the passion ready to explodeWhat goes on between us no one has to knowThis is a private show (oh)[Bridge][Chorus]Please don't stop the music (3x)

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