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Letra de canción de Dear Michael de Michael Jackson lyrics

She wrote ‘Dear Michael,You’ll probably never get this letterMichael, I wrote you a hundred times beforeKnowing how I feel, I’ll write a hundred more’‘Dear Michael, everytime your record’s onMichael, I close my eyes and sing alongDreaming you’re singing to me’And then she wrote‘Michael, I love youI’ve held tears back long as I canI’m sealing my feelings in this envelope’Cause I wanna be more than just your number one fan’I’m gonna answer your letterI’ll start beginning with the ABCs of loving youYour letter really touched my hearthttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/dear-michael-michael-jackson.php
I’ve been dreaming of meeting the pictureThat you sent along, signed with all your love(Michael, Michael)(I want you)(She wrote)I’m gonna write you backOoh, I promise you thatGirl, I think I love youHurry, hurry Mr PostmanTake my letterTell her her I love herHurry, hurry Mr PostmanTake my letterTell her I love her

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