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Letra de canción de De Soto De Son de Animal Collective lyrics

Baby canteen, when i thought your heart stopped beating
The room brought out the silence in your breathing
A birth in wooded housing will help you live beyond the numbers
Let us pray to pan let in the light
And see us bathe and sleep among us
Smell the body of our elders
And wake up to the milky way at breakfast
I'll take the time to pick up all the widow makers broken
No real way to remember if we'll work again

Color people say oh no, cause they think it's contagious
Marshmallow people say oh yeah, cause they think it's a masterpiece

The sky has brakes
What a good day to rise
De Soto De Son will time

Goodbye blue heron goodbye green fly goodbye goodbye

I've got a raft you'll sail till the open lie in the lake
While your body is broken
When you go out I'll cry in the thicket
Shooting from school
There's a green where the crickets cry mom can't breathe and i know she's leaving
And that the birds of a quay are all good for the crocodile
So slow it down
Its not a race
Death takes time
Do you see it?

Baby canteen swollen fingers in the water
I roped an Island pony for your birthday
I'll live in wooded housing till they put out all your needles
And drop you in and shelter near the highway

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