Letra de Cuba Va - Silvio Rodriguez

Letra de canción de Cuba Va de Silvio Rodriguez lyrics

We’re talking about love,
we’re building for love,
one would even kill for love,
in order to keep on working for love.
Let no one interfere with the ritual;
we want to love in peace,
and to proclaim with a shout, Cuba va!

I want to raise my voice to the world,
and to reach the furthest corners,
north to south, east to west,
and that every man be able
to cry out his own hopes,
his wounds, his struggles,
when he says, “Cuba va!”.

It may be that some machete
gets tangled in the underbrush.
It may be that some nights
the stars don’t want to come out.
It may be that with our bare arms
we’ll have to open up the jungle.
But all those weights can never hold us back!
Cuba va!

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