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Letra de canción de Courageous de Clan Of Xymox lyrics

I live by bread alone
Makes you wanna go
I live in no man’s land
Make me understand
One minute of the truth
Way down in your heart
Say what you want to tell
Way down you live in hell
I see you’re courageous
Hear your damnation
See your temptation
Hear your frustration
I tell you where i stand
I’ve known it all along
Fate knocks on every door
Why keep it hanging on
You’re looking for jacob’s stone
Or for the chosen one
I’ve seen them come and go
When all is said and done
I see you’’re courageous,
See your starvation
See your vocation, give us salvation
Anything wonderful,
Anything please make it whole
Anything wonderful,
Anything please make it whole
- you got it, you hold it,
You know it, i call it, you seal it,
You fold it, i love it, you hate it,
You leave it, you solve it,
You play it, you feel it, you stall it,
You breed it, you need
It, you know it.
I see you’ re courageous
See you ‘re in wasteland
See your duration

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