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A woman came and said to meShe'd seen a lady sell her babyFor ten or twenty dollars maybeAnd everybody thinks she's crazyThey're too blind to seeShe never failed to call attentionTo the things we never mentionReal horror, daily, courtesy of your TVC'est La Vie[Chorus:]A woman came and said to meNow listen very carefullyThere's brother killing brotherPeople living on their kneeshttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/c-est-la-vie-ub40.php
Biting sugar coated bulletsFor the pain of this diseaseC'est La VieA woman came and said to meShe had a husband on an islandFound his body on a wastelandSoldiers came and took himJust to torture her you seeAll alone she mourned her loverCrossed the sea to find a brotherMaybe he could help her get her baby back for freeC'est La Vie[Chorus]

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