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Letra de canción de Broken Glass de Burning Love lyrics

20-20 Hindsight, 1060 heart. I'm big on words but not so smart.
Only two eyes to keep the watch, two hands to lock the doors and
you gotta sleep some time, trust any obliging floor.
Four wheels and a window, take the blessing with the curse.
We've woken up to better days but we'll live through worse.
You can lock a door but that's all, here or anywhere.
Hungrier mouths will guide more desperate hands
through the best of all your best laid plans.

Do you think so little of time and space?
All these things can be replaced.
And do you think so much of wood and steel?
Only life and death are real - and fuck the rest.
I get homesick for this place
So I'll take the good with the broken glass.
Every time we say this could be the last time & every time we're right
I just want to be with my friends tonight.
And tomorrow they can take the rest.

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