Letra de Brain Storm - Mandragora Scream

Letra de canción de Brain Storm de Mandragora Scream lyrics

Follow me all over
where are you there is no life,
always you the only
oooh you . . . . . ! Can hear me !

Save my brain,
save my death
and now. . .

Tell me if you now can make me fly,
you now can cry and give me your light.

Now I stay in my creeper. . .
I remember shadow’ s life,
every nigth they come alive. . .
Always you the only one
always you can, only the end. . .

Now, if you want, kiss my stormy brain
do you know where my black rain ends . . ?
Listen to the roar of the stormy sea. . .
feel how my soul now is frozen breeze.

My quiverin’ voice bewitched by the wind. . .
. . . now I feel under these green leaves. . .

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