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(Xzibit)Wassup? We need to talkLet me light my backport(lights up)(exhales)That's why we need to sit downAnd talk about the black and the brownYo, I love Los Angeles, you can hear it in my musicPlus I got the scars to prove itAnd man.. you don't understand what I understandI'm feelin like a piece to a bigger plan'Cause all I'm sayin is the God honest truth of it all, we fightin the wrong enemyThat's why I'm gettin invovled, it's just like the end of that movie "Saw"When them two chained up guys met with their demiseAnd the mastermind was layin there the whole timeRemember that? That's why we have to sit downAnd speak about the black and the brownNow I didn't come here to point no fingersI know over the years that the pain still lingers over past confrontationsShit we all on parole and probation and f**ked up situationsAnd everybody lose.. from the pen, to the neighborhoods, now it's even the high schools'Cause I was watchin K. Cal Newswhen the students squared off and one kid wouldn't choose sidesHit with a hammer and the kid died and now it's a full blown riotTck, that's when the fists start flyinThese kids ain't learnin shit about math and scienceMan..(Chorus: Xzibit)Tension is so thick, some are comin aroundI don't wanna see no more of us up under the groundSo now.. that's why we need to sit downAnd talk about the black and the brownEighty percent of inmates are black and HispanicThey tryna wipe us all off the face of this planetDammit.. that's why we need to sit downAnd talk about the black and the brown(Xzibit)Yo, I got the homey Jose from way back in the dayHe came to scoop me up in his all white Six-TreyAnd he don't really f**k with nobody outside of the setIt's tatted big on his neckY'know? So over the years, built respect and trustSome black and brown issues we both discussedhttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/black-y-brown-xzibit.php
He said, "Homes, it's been goin down too longI gotta bang on them fools and it don't feel wrong""They killed my cousin over eighty eight bricksSo word came down, we gotta handle that shit""Kill all mayatas in white tee shirtsCan I tell the truth homes? The truth starts hurtin"At first, I remind him of what vengeance doWhat vengeance is and who vengeance belongs toHe wasn't tryna hear that shitHe just turned up the volume, bangin 50 Cent(Chorus)(Xzibit)I got soldiers from both sides who really don't careWho identify themselves by the colors they wearThe homey came through to put one in the airI can tell somethin was wrong the way he sat in his chairHe said, "X, man I'm just gettin outfrom doin eighty eight months, tryna figure things out"He told me in the pen you get down to get done'Cause the brown and black ratio is five to oneHe showed me the scar on his gut and his neckThey got him good, said he damn near bled to deathThe hate was do deep, I can see in his eyesWhen he described what it feels like to almost dieAll I could do was just sit back and listen'Bout how he 'bout to send soldiers on missionsI got hit with a bottle but I'm not deadI said, "Think with your heart homey, not your head"I said(Chorus)(Jelly Roll + (Xzibit))Oooooh you must defend yourself (Yeah!)If you don't, then no one else (Nobody!)Your homies got to ride (Let's go!)You're fighting for your life (Yeah!)They want both of us deadYou ain't heard a word I saidYou're fighting for your life (Come on)Your homies got to riiide(Chorus)

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