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Letra de canción de Big Log de Robert Plant lyrics

My love is in league with the freewayIt's passion will ride, as the cities fly byAnd the tail-lights dissolve, in the coming of nightAnd the questions in thousands take flightMy love is the miles and the waitingThe eyes that just stare, and a glance at the clockAnd the secret that burns, and the pain that won't stopAnd it's fuel is the yearsLeading me onLeading me down the roadDriving me on, driving me down the roadMy love is exceeding the limithttp://www.coveralia.com/letras/big-log-robert-plant.php
Red-eyed and fevered with the hum of the milesDistance and longing, my thoughts do collideShould I rest for a while, on the sideYour love is cradled in knowingEyes in the mirror, still expecting they'll comeSensing to well, when the journey is doneThere is no turning back, no There is no turning back, on therun.My love is in league with the freewayOh, the freeway, and the coming of nighttime my love,My love, Is in league with the freeway.

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